Monday, January 30, 2012

Feudal Japan Star Wars

What if Star Wars took place in Feudal Japan? Artist Clinton Felker has an answer to that question.
Samurai Stormtrooper

Another Samurai Stormtrooper

Samurai Boba Fett

Samurai Darth Vader

Feudal Yoda


  1. ***AMAZING*** work, butttt.....

    Where are the Ronins "Han Solo" and "Lando Calrissian" or Samurais "Obi Wan Kenobi" and "Luke Skywalker"?

    Plus technically, "Boba Fett" should be a Ninja.

  2. ^ ninjas stick to the shadows and are rarely seen in public, they aren't those showy bounty hunters.

  3. really cool,whish there were more

  4. Boba Fett isn't Showy except for when he worked for Jabba who requests such showmanship. Fett and Jabba hold an interesting work relationship that borders on actual friendship though might have much to do with the crimelord's wealth. Agreed though to P_viz on Ronin Solo, but Calrissian would actually be more of a street samurai, in a sophisticated kimono or whatever the male version is. Very much more a plain clothes businessman than a full blown Ronin, despite actually being closer to Solo's Ronin status than a legitimate businesman. Though as well if you think about Ronin it was simply a samurai without a Master by which default ALL light side Jedi would in that era be Ronin, because to wield the force would to be hunted down by the Empire, Meaning that Vader would see himself as the only true Jedi Samurai. Palpatine should be garbed in his usual clothes, simply with a gold fringe around the edges of all of it. The Imperial Samurai would be better armed of course than rebellion Samurai, the same would be true of Jedi, less armored than the formidable Lord Vader.
    I would love to see someone come up with an Asian Architecturally detailed Deathstar, the bamboo and light wooden interiors in public areas, with more of a worked japanese or chinese look to the metals, intricate designs here and there instead of the blank spaces of the traditional deathstar. Reworking ships under this design would be fascinating as well